Caliphate Children

With the defeat of the “Islamic state” is highly unusual in its current form organization, its existence will not stop. Regional and global players will start a new bloody way.

Radical structure constantly adapts to the changing military-political and strategic conditions and skillfully confronts enemies with disproportionately larger resources. More than three years even the absolute superiority did not give the opponents of ISIS a chance to achieve a military victory. Of course, this is largely due to the fact that enemies had it out for each other, and radicals were used only for cover, when officials hurriedly pronounced the ritual phrases about the necessity of struggle against the world evil. The reality was much more prosaic. Each party understood that to seriously deal with such a skilled and ruthless enemy is extremely difficult, not only because the tip of ISIS disposed the available opportunities well, but also because of the neighbors, who would definitely make use of the weakening of the competitor to their advantage. A very illustrative example of Barzani, who decided to hold a referendum on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan when a significant part of the Baghdad forces were destroyed in the capture of Ramadi, Fallujah and Mosul. Especially large losses Iraqis suffered, storming Mosul, where was broken the backbone of the “Golden division” and destroyed most of the armored vehicles, the lack of which the Iraqis plan to fill primarily due to deliveries from Russia. Vice-President N. al-Maliki reached the agreement on it in Moscow.

In the war of all against all the more chances have those who skillfully play on the contradictions of enemies, which often claims to each other even more than to ISIS. It allowed the radicals to hold on for so long.

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