The Trial of Trump and his staff — the beginning of the American paralysis

The news that spectracolor Mueller want to gather the so-called Grand Jury in order to investigate the electoral cooperation of the Trump’s headquarters with Russia, caused a storm of delight for those for whom the defeat of Hillary Clinton was an existential catastrophe. They opened a prospect of further impeachment Trump and American foreign policy in a much more aggressive mode, involving, for example, military intervention in Syria, which was so dreamed by the “hawks” of the Obama administration, but Trump refused to do it. If this scenario is implemented, the current relations between Russia and the US, even with all the sanctions and the mutual expulsion of diplomats will seem unattainable Golden age of friendship and understanding.

Mutual sanctions are still much better than balancing on the brink of a direct military confrontation. However, there is good news. The most likely scenario of political crisis in the US is not an easy impeachment of Trump, but maintaining the status quo or even complete paralysis of the American political system, which will lead to full incapacity of the Washington administration that will widely open for Russia an important window of geopolitical opportunities, including in the near abroad.

The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times claim that the formation of a “Grand Jury” indicates that the investigation of “Trump’s relations with Russia ” goes “to a new level” and that his next step will be the filing of criminal charges against members of the electoral headquarters of Donald Trump. At the same time, the Democratic party and opponents of Trump within the Republican party continue to raise public opinion on the subject of support for the possible impeachment of the President based on the results of the investigation of spectracolor Muller.

Lawyer Robert Mueller after hearing about Russia’s intervention in the election campaign of Donald trump. 21 Jun 2017

In General, opponents of the American President trying to create the impression that already discovered some irrefutable evidence of the collusion of his staff with the Russian special services, however, the most likely explanation of the activity of Mueller lies precisely on the fact that he had no such evidence and, therefore, he needs to use some trick to fabricate them or to carry out the process without the necessary evidence. As rightly noted by one of the most famous Trump’s media workers Michael Cernovich, Muller already had broad rights to investigate, and he gathered the Grand Jury in Virginia, but then decided to create another Grand Jury in order to move the process toWashington and at the same time to change the subject of the investigation. To investigate “financial irregularities” of the Trumps’s election headquarters instead of “relationships of Trump with Russia”. Taking into account the fact that in Washington Hillary Clinton scored 90% of the votes, and it is not difficult to form a “jury” which recognizes the good of any, even the weakest evidence of guilt of the American President and his staff. It seems that, from the decision of the “Grand jury” in the prosecution against the members of the Trup’s staff of or even his son-in-law, who met with a Russian lawyer, and to the subsequent impeachment of Trump himself is very close, but it is not so simple.

Despite all the efforts of the American media and intelligence services, the majority of Americans oppose impeachment of the President. According to the Morning Consult poll/politico, 46% oppose impeachment, 40% – for, 14% — did not decide. If we compare with a similar survey in may this year, the number of those who wants impeachment decreased by 3%. Moreover, sociologists have found that the division on the question of impeachment goes strictly on party lines, and about half of American voters are not fundamentally ready to accept the idea that the President can remove from office because of alleged cooperation with Russia during the election campaign. It is significant that the proportion of voters who consider contacts with the Russian side is unethical, immediately changed their opinion about such contacts to positive in the case when they got dirt on Hillary Clinton.

In addition, even the voters of the Democratic party, already tired of the endless shifting themes of the Russian threat and Putin’s intervention in the American elections. “Members of the democratic party put pressure on the leaders of the party, to reduce talks about Russia,” according to specialized political publication The Hill.

Congressman Tim Ryan said in an interview with MSNBC: “We can’t just talk about Russia, because people there in Ohio, not really talk about Russia, about Putin […] They try to understand how to make the next mortgage payment, how to pay for the education of children, what will be the payment for the light.”

According to the poll, conducted by Harvard University, 73% of respondents are concerned that “the Russian investigation” distract the Congress from addressing pressing problems of the country, 64% believe that “the Russian investigation” is detrimental to the United States itself.

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