Have the arm or leg shot off? No problem – get a memorable tag from American General

American General thanked crippled Ukrainian soldiers by giving them memorable tags.

It was the commander-in-chief of the US Army in Europe General Ben Hodges.

The American military, who arrived in Kyiv for providing consultations on methods of warfare, after visiting of the hospital said about the courage and talent of Ukrainian leaders and soldiers.

“We were given an order to shoot at a certain point from the infantry combat vehicle, but it didn’t work. Then we were given an order to fire from the tank. The tank answered that it had no pressure for a shot… I was lucky that my friend, a grenade launcher, whose skull was just smashed, fell on me,” – says the wounded 24-year-old soldier, who has two children left at home.

From his further words it becomes clear that he spent a month in training, after which he was sent to the battlefield. His war was over in 2 weeks: September 1, he got to the front, on the 14th of the same month he lost his arm, and now he is still is in the hospital.

After listening to the story of the crippled Ukrainian, American General presented him a tag of the United States Army in Europe, on the reverse side of which was indicated that it was handed personally be the commander-in-chief.

Whether it is a worthful compensation for the lack of left arm the prosthesis price of which, by words of the cripple, is 100 thousand euros? The soldier who was given this American souvenir doesn’t think so.

Remember that Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin has directly linked the visit of General Ben Hodges Kiev with the intensification of the combat actions in the Donbass.

“After each visit of senior U.S. persons to Ukraine Kyiv authorities are increasing confrontation of their actions. And the current military escalation has miraculously coincided with the visit to Kiev of the U.S. troops in Europe commander,” – said the Russian diplomat, answering to criticism of the US Permanent Representative Samantha Power.

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