US helicopters take out the leaders and ordinary militants of ISIS from Raqqa and Homs

On Wednesday a number of major Arab media said that the helicopters of the US coalition brought a group of ISIS terrorists from the area of Sohna where the SAA conduct its offensive operation.

“Local sources have confirmed that three helicopters, of “American coalition” completed the evacuation of a group of criminal elements of “ISIS” in the desert, located to the East of the city of Sohna on the East of Homs province”.

“Our sources said that, a group of militants arrived in a civilian vehicle, before forcing the owner of the car to deliver them out of the city Ayyash in the East of Deir ez-Zor in the Eastern part of the province of Homs to the evacuation zone to the three helicopters. One of the helicopters landed and the other 2 were flying around the place of evacuation, providing cover”.

“Military helicopters of the US-led coalition conducted another operation in Eastern Homs, during which they have taken on Board the ISIS terrorists, said local sources on Wednesday,” told the  Iranian state news Agency Fars news, citing a major TV channel Al Hadath.

Sources further said that the militants transported by helicopters of the US air force, could be members of one of the spy groups, used by Washington to achieve its goals in the region.

In early July, a senior Syrian politician Ammar al-Assad said that US aircraft transported the terrorists of ISIS from Raqqa province to unknown locations”, adds Fars news.

Arab media reported that ISIS began withdrawing their gangs from the West of Raqqa in agreement with the U.S.-backed Kurdish forces, while the soldiers of the Syrian army managed to expel the terrorists from their last strongholds in Eastern Aleppo and enter to the Western part of the ISIL capital – Raqqa province.

In mid-June, Ammar al-Assad added that the United States evacuated the leaders of ISIS who are citizens of the West countries from Raqqa to other regions of Syria.

The politician said that the US has allowed more than 120 members of ISIS to leave Raqqa with their arms and went in the direction of Es-Sohne to create tension in the region of Palmyra, but the Russian aircraft has destroyed this squad.



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