In Aleppo, preparing for another start of the largest water pumping station

In Aleppo, the experts complete the recovery of the middle East’s largest water pumping station, built by Soviet specialists on the Euphrates river. Previously, the station was under the control of  ISIS, but after the onset of the Syrian army, with the support of Russian aerospace force engineers had the opportunity to start it again.

All 14 pumps are in good condition, there is a small problem in the supporting equipment, — told the chief engineer of the station Ahmad Hamun.

According to him, when the terrorists seized the station that sent water into areas controlled by them they left to dry, thousands of hectares of fertile land. The offensive of the Syrian army with the support of Russian aerospace force in March prevented the destruction by militants of the main production hall of the station. However, the militants managed to blow up the ELP. Currently the professionals engaged in its recovery 24/7.

Pumping station on the Euphrates river was started by Soviet specialists 28 years ago to pump water in 72-kilometer channel.


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