USA pulled in battleships and planes to the Shayrat air base in Syria

The armed forces of the United States are constantly monitoring the air force base  –  Shayrat in Syria, in the event of possible order of the American President Donald Trump to make a strike. It was announced on Wednesday. However, Washington is not ready to carry out an attack, because no suspicious activity was matched at a military facility in recent times.

There are the US aircraft carrier George Bush, two frigates and two cruisers equipped with cruise missiles Tomahawk in the Mediterranean sea at the moment are. In addition, the potential strike can involve dozens of fighters which on a regular basis, carry out operations in the Middle East against militants of the extremist group “Islamic state”.

The Pentagon refused to comment the observation of the base in Syria.

Previously, it was reported that the U.S. matched the activity on the Syrian air force base Shayrat, which indicates that there are the preparation to use chemical weapons. On Monday, the press Secretary of the White House Sean Spicer in a written statement said that the American government sees signs of a potential training of the authorities in Damascus to a new use of toxic substances in Syria.

Washington has previously accused Damascus of using chemical weapons after an incident in town of Khan-Shaykhun on 4 April. Then, according to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Syrian air force destroyed the factory where the terrorists made chemical munitions. In Washington, however, considered that Damascus has used chemical weapons strike. On 7 April, the United States launched a missile strike  on the airfield Shayrat in the province of Homs, where, according to Washington, the Syrian planes took off.

Russia has repeatedly offered to investigate under the auspices of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons with a visit to Khan-Shaykhun and Shayrat, but the initiative was blocked by the Western countries.


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