Israel attacked the positions of Syrian troops on the border in response to the random shelling

The Israeli military once again attacked the positions of Syrian artillery and machine with ammunition in response to several shells which exploded in the Israeli-controlled Golan heights, reported the press service of the army.

This is the second border incident of this  kind in two days. The Syrian military suppose that,  the shells accidentally flew across the dividing line during the fighting between government forces and opposition groups.

There are no losses on the Israeli side and there is no report about the results of the fire on the IDF.

On Saturday, according to the Israelis, about a dozen shells flew through the separation line in the Golan heights. Israel called the attack as an assault on its sovereignty and in response to precision strikes from the air and destroyed two Syrian tanks and heavy machine gun.

Meanwhile, an informed source reported that in the area of the Golan heights, Syrian government forces repulsed a powerful attack of terrorists on the city of al-Baath.

Military-diplomatic source in the Russian defense Ministry told that the Israeli air force struck on Saturday, the armored vehicles of militants of “Dzhebhat an-Nusra”, not the Syrian government troops. According to him, the Israelis just hit the place where they carried out the attack, destroyed two tanks and a heavy machine gun of terrorists. The source also noted that this is not the first attempt of militants to provoke similar attacks on the collision of the Israeli and Syrian government troops in the area.

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