Macron does not see the legitimate successor to Assad in Syria

He added that Paris will not allow the use of chemical weapons to stay unpunished.

France does not consider the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad as a prerequisite for resolution of the six-year conflict in the country.

— My new perspective on this issue is that I don’t say that the discharge of Bashar al-Assad is a precondition, because no one showed me the legitimate successor, — quotes the words of  Macron.

According to him, France does not consider Assad as an enemy and supports the fight against terrorism. Macron also called on countries, including Russia, to the international cooperation on this issue.

— My words are clear: first, the need to combat all terrorist groups. They are our enemies. We need the participation of everyone, especially Russia, to eradicate them, — said the French President, adding that stability in Syria is the second priority for his country.

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