Washington creates another Kosovo in the Middle East

Today in the Middle East, where international law is offset to zero, the legitimation of the American presence is no longer required. In fact, the United States behave as they want, in the space between Syria and Iraq, pulling in their game the Kurds who caught in a desperate situation.

Of course, the authorities of Syria and Iraq against the “self-determination” of the territories of these countries. But who cares in the state Department today about their opinion in the situation when for guidance the “order” in this countris they will be divided into several parts?

Iraq for example, is planned to be split into three parts: Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish. Appropriately they planned to split Syria.

An independent Kurdistan would be expected to be established by referendum, which is scheduled on September 25 this year (this was announced by the head of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani at a meeting with the UN Secretary-General António Guterres). On November 6, the Kurds of Northern Iraq plan to hold parliamentary and presidential elections.

The idea of a referendum is not accepted by Turkey, whose authorities understand that the independence of the Syrian or Iraqi Kurds will cause a chain reaction, after which the Turkish Kurds  will want independence too. According to Erdogan, “this move will not bring anything good for anyone”.

Iran has the same reason against the referendum in Northern Iraq.

Baghdad is dissatisfied with the plan of Barzani most of all. “The Iraqi authorities will oppose any unilateral steps aimed on achieving Kurdistan’s independence,” — said the representative of the government of Saad al-Hadithi.


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