Iraq and Syria create a joint Center for military operations against ISIS

Iraq and Syria create a joint Center of military operations against terrorist group “Islamic state” in areas adjacent to the border between the two countries. This was announced on Wednesday, by the TV channel Al Arabiya, citing on the statement of representatives of the Iraqi Ministry of defense.

According to them, “a military delegation of the Syrian army held talks in Baghdad with representatives of Iraq’s armed forces on the issues of border security between States”. It is noted that the arrival of the Syrian troops in the Iraqi capital for the first time was made public after several years of secret contacts between the parties, which purpose was to coordinate action against ISIS.

It is noted that a decision was made on the creation of the joint Center for combat operations “to increase pressure on the formation of terrorists in the border areas.”

On June 10 the command of the Armed forces of Syria said that the army and militias “have successfully completed the first phase of the operation in the Eastern regions of the country and came to the border with Iraq.” It was also noted that SAA established control over a large number of firing positions and strategic points in the Syrian desert to the East of the checkpoint in Al-Tape.

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