The Pentagon is enhanced in At-Tanf

US forces have transported several new long-range tactical missile and artillery systems,  HIMARS from Jordan to the base near the Syrian city of Al-Tanf, and it  even more intensifies its presence in the area, Reuters reports with reference to regional intelligence sources.

“They arrived at Al-Tanf, and this is a significant increase in US military presence in the area,” said one senior Syrian intelligence clerk.

He added that the HIMARS are already deployed in Syria to support the troops fighting with the militants of banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”.

On  may 18, 2017, the coalition under U.S. command attacked the military supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad around Al-Tanf. Then the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff General Joseph Dunford said that the air strikes were “the protection of U.S. forces” and such attacks will not happen again, if the Pentagon is confident in the safety of their facilities in Syria.


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