Syria today


There are fights between militants of ISIS and SAA in Deir ez-Zor for second day. The armed extremists started the mortar fire on the refugee camp in East Ghouta, the Kurds have seized four area of Raqqa.

Armed groups of extremists once again violated the Memorandum on areas of de-escalation, according to Syrian news Agency SANA, citing a source in the police Department of Damascus.

According to reports, militants based in Eastern Guta of Damascus, started the mortar fire on the territory of the refugee camp “Al-Vafidin”, located in the district of Dahiyat al-Majed. It is reported that no one was hurt in the attack of radicals. It is noted that since the start of the Memorandum on areas of de-escalation in may 5, 2017, the militants have repeatedly violated the set by the document mode, which led to the deaths and injuries.

The battle for Raqqa

In recent days, the US-backed Syrian democratic forces have stepped up their activities near the city of Raqqa and pushed the militants of the Islamic state, who captured new areas of so-called “capital of the self-proclaimed Caliphate”.

On the Northern flank  the Kurdish SDF troops re-captured from the ISIS the base of ground troops of the 17th division, a sugar factory, a military residential area and the headquarters of the cyber-terrorists, negating all the “efforts” of the extremists to seize the territories taken last week.

In the Eastern part of Raqqa, the Kurdish forces were involved in heavy clashes with the terrorists of ISIS in the al-Sinai and along the perimeter of the area of the Tishrin.

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