The international coalition made a strike on loyal to Bashar al-Assad’s forces

Еhe U.S.-led  military anti-terrorist coalition has again hit the militia supporting the Syrian army. Information about victims is not available.

The positions near the village of At-Tanta were attacked, said the official representative of the coalition – Ryan Dillon.

According to him, “the coalition forces and their allies have been operating there for a few months”, demanding that loyal to Bashar al-Assad’s forces must leave the area.

Dillon said that the air assault operation led to shot down of  an aggressive unmanned flying vehicle (UFV) of pro-government forces. “The drone dropped munitions, which did not affect the coalition. The drone had more ammo, so we shot it down”, — said the speaker of the coalition.

It was the first time when the  Pro-government troops tried to attack the USA-led  coalition in Syria.

The coalition representative stated that they reserves the right to attack any forces which are the threat to the coalition and their partners. The announcement came after the second blow on  coalition forces in southern Syria.

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