De Mistura: “the cure for Syria” can be found only with the help of Russia

“The treatment” of the Syrian conflict must be found with the participation of Russia, which, has a very important card in its hand, considers the special representative of the UN on Syria Staffan de Mistura.

The UN special envoy after the meeting with the foreign Minister of Italy Angelino Alfano described to the reporters the humanitarian situation in Syria with the help of geographic maps, where he pointed out the areas of ceasefire, where the population of Syria receives humanitarian aid.

“In these zones of de-escalation live 2.5 million Syrians, and our job now is to heal the pain, and second, to find a cure for the disease,” — said the diplomat.

“The cure, should be found with the participation of Russia. So tonight I depart from Rome to Moscow. Russia’s involvement is a fundamental factor, as there is a very important game card in her hands is, taken into account the interest of Russia and the countries of the region in resolving the crisis,” said de Mistura, assuming that agreement which can be achieved by intensification of the dialogue between Moscow and Washington.

Answering the question about his plans for a meeting with the heads of the foreign Ministry and the defense Ministry Sergei Lavrov and Sergei Shoigu, de Mistura said that the visit to Moscow will take place at the invitation of the Russian side. But it was difficult to clarify the exact agenda of the talks.

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