IS lost a strategic point in Iraq, the conflict between the Kurds and the SAA in Hasaka

SAA has liberated the village of Hosh al-Zawahiri in Eastern Guta of Damascus. The Kurds and the SAA conduct mutual attacks in the outskirts of the city of Hasaka. Fighters of “Hashd Al-Shabii” recaptured ISIS key checkpoint “tel Safek” in Iraq.

Briefly about the results of the confrontation

Russian Aerospace Forces: attacked the fortifications of the ISIS on the outskirts of the cities Soha and Uqayribat in the East of Hama.

The Syrian Arab army (SAA): liberated from the Islamists the town of Hosh al-Zawahiri in Eastern Guta of Damascus and fight against ISIS to the South and East of Palmyra; opened fire on the radicals in the area of the Aib settlement to the South of Dar; made four air strikes on militant positions near Ibta on the outskirts of Dar; bombed the headquarters of ISIS in Eastern Hama.

“Islamic state” : conducts shelling of the village of Tal-Jadid in the East of Hama; opened fire on the village of al-Assaf to the North-East of the city of Baquba in Iraq; lost border post “Tel Safek” in the province of Nineveh in Iraq.

The free Syrian army (FSA): conducts a missile firing position of the SAA in Dar.

The international coalition launched air strikes on Abu Kamal to the South-East of Deir ez-Zor; conducted bombing in the village of al-Coria in Raqqa.

The Kurds: captured area of Raqqa al-Mashlab; took the town of Charakla one kilometre from Raqqa; established control over the village of Abu-Asi to the West of Al-Tabka in Raqqa; shelled the position of the SAA in Hasaka.

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