The battle for the “ISIS capital” will be a very difficult issue for Americans


The Syrian opposition, with the US support entered to “the capital of ISIS” – Raqqa, in an effort to be the former than Pro-government forces of Syria. To overtake Assad – essentially for the Americans, and it is essentially to allow Shiites to control the borders of the SAR. Is it possible or not – is the main question. It is not excluded that the Americans will have a very unpleasant surprise.

Pentagon spokesman Jeff Davis said that units of the marine Corps, and Apache helicopters took part in operation for the liberation of the Syrian city Raqqa. According to him, the Marines use 155-mm howitzer M777, to support the upcoming parts, as well as provide them with communication and fire control systems. The Alliance of the opposition Syrian democratic forces (SDF) have already entered in Raqqa as part of an operation for the city liberation.

The Marines do not interfere directly into the battle. They perform a function similar to retreat-blocking detachment and entertainer. It is difficult to push for action beyond the “natural habitat” the Kurds of any tribe, religion and degree of political engagement. They always have something to promise, something to pay and do everything to please verbally. Otherwise they will not move. The more that Bashar al-Assad has been restored their civil rights (under his father, the Kurdish population were discriminated, did not have full citizenship, passports, and local government) and promised broad autonomy.

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