Media: in the suburbs of Raqqa the US coalition strikes killed more than 30 refugees

Over thirty refugee from Raqqa have been killed upon impact of the air forces of the USA-led coalition against the group “Islamic state” in the vicinity of the city.

According to the media, the refugees were shelled from the air, when tried to leave the Euphrates on boats from the controlled by terrorists territories.

Last Saturday, Syrian state media reported, citing the sources in Raqqa about the death of at least 43 civilians after the strike of the coalition air force on a residential house.

After this incident the Foreign Minister of Syria has compared the actions of the international coalition led by the US with the crimes of the terrorist group ISIS and called for the UN security Council to condemn the actions of the coalition that led to the deaths of civilians in two letters to the Secretary General and the UN security Council.

According to the Syrian Ministry, the coalition’s actions are contrary to the stated objectives of counter-terrorism, international law, human rights and the UN Charter.

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