Western countries continue to shut their eyes to chemical incidents in Syria

Some Western countries continue to cynically shut their eyes to numerous outrageous incidents with the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

The numerous instances of chemical weapons’ use by militants, which even in the opinion of Western media has become terrorists’ normal practice during their defense of Mosul expressly testifies to the scope of the problem of chemical terrorism in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Russia has been drawing attention for already three years but, to our deep regret, unsuccessfully to the incessant recurrences of chemical terrorism in Syria and Iraq.

Russia numerously urged partners at various international venues, first of all, in the UN Security Council and the OPCW to pull efforts to counter chemical terrorism. However, all Russian efforts either do not find proper support of colleagues from Western countries or are openly blocked by them.

In the desire to remove at any cost the regime existing in Syria, it is apparently more advantageous to groundlessly accuse the legitimately elected Syrian government of everything, the government that displayed its political will in 2013 in its voluntary move to give up its military chemical potential.

Such state of things plays into the hands of terrorists who continue with impunity to use everywhere not only chlorine and other toxic chemicals but also full-blown chemical warfare agents of their own production. That’s why the number of incidents with the use of chemical substances will, unfortunately, only grow in this long-suffering country.

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