Russian aircraft carried out 4 times more missile attacks than US-led coalition

The Russian Aerospace Forces have carried out three times more sorties delivered four times more missile and bomb attacks in Syria than the international coalition.

“The comparative analysis of results of actions in Syria by Russia’s aviation and the international coalition shows that Russian Aerospace Forces, which had fewer aircraft, carried out three times more sorties and delivered four times more missile and bomb attacks”, – said Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu.

According to him, a territory of more than 17,000 square kilometers and 705 settlements came under control of the Syrian government with the assistance of Russia’s Armed Forces during the operation in the country. This allowed returning more than 108,000 refugees back home only this year.

The liberation of Aleppo

The liberation of Syrian Aleppo is of major political importance for the country, Shoigu noted.

“Liberation of Aleppo, which is considered the second capital of Syria, was the main achievement of last year. This victory has not only military, but also major political importance for the whole country,” minister noted.

Last year a major group of Islamic State militants was defeated north of Aleppo. It was for the first time that the Russian Aerospace forces and Turkish Air Force operated jointly against terrorists. Units of government troops supported by Russian aircraft approached the al-Assad reservoir and continue an offensive along the western bank of Euphrates River.

Palmyra has been liberated, oil and gas fields Jizel, Haiyan and Shaer have been returned under government control. Besides, the situation has stabilized in the area of Hama.

Terrorists have been driven more than 30 kilometers away from the city. Under the mediation of Russian military, the withdrawal of more radical extremists and their families from Al-Waer in Hama suburbs, has been completed. As a result, the city is fully controlled by the Syrian government.

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