The withdrawal of militants continues from eastern and western Syrian suburbs



Sunday saw the complete withdrawal of militants from the western Syrian city of Homs, which was the first city where the so-called opposition confronted President Assad and his government.

After the sappers enter the district al-Waer it will be decided, whether the mass media representatives will be allowed to visit the last liberated district.

The final eleventh stage of militant withdrawal started on Saturday with over 2,500 people leaving the city including 700 militants.

On March 13, Syrian authorities and militant groups in Homs reached an agreement under Russian mediation, implying that militants and their families would leave Homs in stages with guaranteed safe passage, courtesy of Syrian government troops.

The withdrawal of militants continues from the eastern suburbs of the Syrian capital. Militants with their families left the quarters of Kabun and Barze, in the main strongholds of terrorists in the settlements of Jobar and Duma continue negotiations with the leaders of armed groups.

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