New provocation: The US Air Force attacked Syrian Army positions, which made major progress against ISIS

The US Air Force attacked pro-government forces in Syria after they posed a threat to pro-American forces.

According to the source in the US administration, the airstrike was after the volunteer convoy, supporting the Damascus authorities, opposed the armed US –backed group.

The US military struck was after the warning shots, the source said. The incident took place near the city of El Tanf in southern Syria, at the border with Jordan. There is the base of the Syrian army in the area of this city.

It is noteworthy that Syrian Forces recently made major progress and are about to secure the southern side of the Iraqi border.

Currently, there is a huge amassing of US, British and Jordanian troops at the Syrian-Jordanian border, which are trying to disrupt the Syrian-Iraqi coordination in fight against ISIS.

Meanwhile, Syrian Army responded to the latest US provocation, saying a convoy of five T-62 tanks was hit by the coalition forces. 6 soldiers were killed during the raid and two tanks were destroyed. Apart from the Syrian Army, members of National Defense Forces, Hezbollah, and Imam Al Ali Battalion were present at the scene.


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