One more peace initiative of Russia: The regime of de-escalation is planned to extend to all Syrian territory

Operating in four districts of the Syrian regime of de-escalation in the future is planned to extend to the rest of the country.

Now in the focus of attention of the Russian Federation is the initiative that the US President D.Trump spoke at an early stage of his presidency, namely the creation of security zones or de-escalation zones in which there will be no military operations, except against terrorists who are there must be expelled if they are, and where the civilian population can feel safe.

Russia in the development of this initiative agreed with Turkey and Iran, with the regime of President Assad and with the armed opposition at a meeting in Astana a few days ago a memorandum, according to which such zones in four sets for the beginning parts of Syria, meaning that later this practice will be extended to the rest of the territory of the SAR.

Surly, Russia and the United States have a common understanding of the principles of the settlement of the conflict in Syria, but it is easier to agree on them than to implement them  in practice, given that there are too many players on the ground in Syria, primarily the Syrian parties, of course, the ISIS and “Jebhat An -Nusra, those who cooperate with them. Therefore, the special importance has the same disagreement about which the Russian Federation negotiated with the Obama administration, but it could not fulfill.

In this regard, each of countries, together with other major players in the Middle East, such as Turkey, Iran and the Gulf countries, must influence the various Syrian parties, encouraging them honestly concerned to the implementation of the UN Security Council resolution requiring negotiations, the development of a new constitution and preparation of elections.

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