Victory is close: ISIS militants leave Iraq and Syria

The terrorist group ISIS is faced with a serious lack of financial resources because of military pressure and sanctions imposed by the international community. Now militants of this group leave Iraq and Syria.

The nature of the threat from terrorists changes and they continue to present a complex and multifaceted challenge to international security. “The ISIS is under constant military pressure, in response to which this terrorist group committed a series of attacks outside the conflict zones. It should be noted that ISIS funding declined, and now it exists in conditions of “crisis budget”.

Al-Qaeda’s branches continue to conduct terrorist activities in several regions of the world. In some regions, Al Qaeda remains stronger than the cells and ISIS. So, the heyday of the ISIS did not weaken the strategic positions of Al Qaeda.

In addition to reducing the flow of foreign militants to Syria and Iraq, the good news was that the sanctions, imposed by the Security Council and aimed at undermining the financing of the ISIS, began to work. This is particularly true for the antiques trade, which was illegally exported from Iraq and  Syria.

Undoubtedly, in these conditions, there is a need to significantly strengthen law enforcement and sanctions tools to combat the ideology of terrorism.

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