Russia welcomes any contribution by the United States to the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Syria

Russia will welcome any contribution by the United States to the memorandum on establishing de-escalation zones in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told. He did not rule out the possibility of US involvement in monitoring these zones but noted that this should be agreed with all parties concerned and should be acceptable for Damascus in the first place.

He recalled that initially, it was US President Donald Trump who spoke about the importance of creating such safe zones where the population can breathe a sigh of relief.

Lavrov noted that a meeting of experts representing Russia, Turkey and Iran, that is, the countries acting as the guarantors of the ceasefire in Syria would be held in 10-12 days. “The experts will discuss specific parameters of these zones’ operation, including buffer zones around them, observation posts and checkpoints,” he explained.

“The memorandum signed in Astana envisages that observers from third countries could be involved in efforts to ensure the operation of the de-escalation zones. Of course, that should be agreed with all parties concerned. Above all, this should be acceptable for the Syrian government,” the minister noted. “We are holding contacts with the potential participants in this process, and we hope we will be able to discuss that in greater detail with our partners,” he concluded.


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  1. If the Russian proposition is sincere, I strongly urge the United States to call for peace talks between Russia and the other countries involved as soon as possible, so that the inhuman situation can be put to a stop.
    Cease-fires do not seem to have a great effect on the various situations in the Middle East, and round-table discussions would certainly be far more effective and even, with the help of all who wish fervently for peace, end the bloodshed and enmity definitely.

  2. Peace talks with all parties involved are far more productive than intermittent cease-fires. It will diminish and hopefully end the troubled state of all countries concerned.

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