Turkey and the United States disagree about the arming Kurdish ‘terrorist organizations’

On Tuesday, the United States, Turkey’s ally within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), announced the approval of its plan to arm Kurdish militia fighting ISIS terror group in Syria despite objections from Turkey.

“Every development in Syria and Iraq is a matter of national security for us. We would like to believe that our allies will prefer to side with us and not with terrorist organizations,” said Erdogan.

The Turkish president expressed hope that the United States would suspend its decision to arm the Syrian Kurds before his visit to the country for the talks with US President Donald Trump scheduled for May 16.

According to the Turkish leader, the fight against ISIS should not be carried out with the help of another terrorist organization.

Turkey and the United States disagree on the US support of Kurdish militias in Syria as Ankara considers them connected to Turkish Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is outlawed as a terrorist organization by Ankara.

At the same time, the Minister of National Defense of Turkey Fikri Ishik said that the supplying of heavy weapons to the Syrian Kurds “will bring no benefit either the region or the US.”

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