Americans demand from the New York Times to stop lying about Russia and Syria

On Saturday, at the headquarters of the American newspaper The New York Times in Manhattan took place the protest. The participants demanded from the edition to stop disseminating fake information about Russia and Syria.  According to them, the New York Times is a very powerful tool for “brainwashing”, which spread the globalist views.

This demonstration was attended several dozen of people. It was organized by the International Schiller Institute and one of the branches of the “Tea Party” in New Jersey. The protesters demanded that the newspaper stop publishing fake news, especially those which relating to allegations of Russia’s interference in US elections and accusations of Syrian authorities in the use of chemical weapons.

Participants of the action carried placards with slogans: “The New York Times wants war with Russia, Americans want peace,” “Do not let yourself be fooled again,” “Read a new lie – it’s the same as the old lie,” “The New York Times – all the false news in print”. Protesters distributed printed materials in which said that the newspaper works for the benefit of those who are trying to prevent full cooperation between the US and Russia.

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