Why is the Mainstream Media keeping silent about ISIS chemical attacks?

A few months ago, the use of chemical weapons by the ISIS terrorist group was in the news seemingly daily. Now you hardly ever see a thing about them. So what happened?

It’s not like the attacks stopped: this weekend alone, more than thirty Iraqi soldiers participating in the Battle of Mosul were treated for injuries sustained in chlorine gas attacks.

Iraqi and US military spokespersons are in agreement on the reason for the low coverage of gas attacks: they’re an ineffective weapon being used by a desperate, cornered opponent. In his turn, coalition ground forces commander Maj. Gen. Joseph Martin said that ISIS has used chemicals in the vicinity of Mosul but the chemicals have had no impact on the Iraqi security forces and on the American solders.

When asked what sort of chemical was used in the attack, Martin admitted that he didn’t know. “But the chemicals that they’ve used in the past are all low-grade chemicals because of their lack of production capability. And so we don’t know what we’ll find this time”- he said.

In early March, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi claimed that allegations of ISIS chemical attacks in Iraq were “wrong” and what happened actually was just a mixture of smoke and gas, which has “a limited impact.”

But the song being sung by the US and Iraqi governments isn’t everyone’s tune. A Kurdish official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, claimed that “multiple gas attacks did take place over the past week and that the military casualties were not known,” but coalition forces deliberately quashed the story.

According to London-based analyst group IHS Conflict Monitor, ISIS has used sulfur and chlorine weapons at least 52 times in Iraq and Syria since 2013. A March barrage of chemical rockets on the town of Taza has killed one and injured 800.

On the basis of the foregoing, it is obvious that the media  is deliberately silent about the chemical attacks, because such reports can have a terrible impact on the military, namely, it can low their morale. By reason of the horrible effects of chemical attacks the soldiers won`t want to participate in the fighting.

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