US fighting against Syrian government instead of terrorists

According to the international experts, the United States has been fighting against the Syrian government instead of terrorists.

During the election campaign, American politicians called for combating the so-called ISIS saying that it did not matter what the political regime in Syria was because the war on terror was the main goal. But what do we see now? The first step the new US administration took concerning Syria resulted in a strike on the government troops. It means, their fight is not against terrorism but against the Syrian government.

Certainly, Russia could not influence the position of various countries who have been trying to unite various political forces within NATO. But it seems that further tensions will only lead to the destruction of the Syrian state as well as to a partial victory of the terrorists.

As far as international law goes, the step taken by the US was an act of military aggression while Russia’s participation in resolving the Syrian crisis was based on the legitimate Syrian government’s invitation.

The Americans used force without UN permission thus violating international law. This was an act of military aggression. Heaven knows what will happen next, but ISIS has surely benefited from the aggression because it actually gave them free rein to continue their rampage.

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