BREAKING: The “White Helmets” works in close cooperation with terrorists

The “White Helmets” in Syria is rather a propaganda organization than a humanitarian one. About it said German activist Joachim Guilliard. He also called to lift sanctions against Damascus, instead of providing millions to this organization.

The so-called Syrian Civil Defense (SCD), commonly known as the “White Helmets”, was founded in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2013 by former British officer James Le Mesurier.

In the following years, the SCD grew to a full-fledged organization of some 3,000 volunteers operating from over a hundred local centers across Syria. The SCD is sponsored by the aid agencies of Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

“It would not be correct to call the “White Helmets” the propagandist organization of the anti-Damascus alliance. But in the last three years, they received up to €100 million ($107 million), mostly spent on PR and relations with media. They work on the ground, but only in the areas where Islamist groups operate,” Guilliard noted.

The activists brought up the situation in eastern Aleppo where White Helmets members were active.

“They worked in Aleppo in close cooperation with al-Nusra Front militants. After the militants were defeated in Aleppo the “White Helmets” left the city,” he noted.


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