ATTENTION: Germany may be involved in the deaths of civilians in Syria



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According to some reports, in Syria the Bundeswehr was involved in air strike, which resulted in the death of several dozen civilians.

Reportedly, the German servicemen provided the US-led coalition with reconnaissance photographs of a complex of buildings for air attack. The coalition used them to strike a former school in the Mansour area, 30 kilometers west of Rakka. As a result there were killed at least 33 civilians.

Earlier it was reported that in the operation of the coalition against ISIS German military specialists are involved only in the formation of crews for NATO’s AWACS radar reconnaissance aircraft. In addition, Berlin has the support of six reconnaissance aircraft “Tornado” deployed at NATO base Incirlik in Turkey. Also the instructors of the Bundeswehr train Iraqi Kurds, and the staff of the Armed Forces of Germany is also present at the headquarters of the coalition.

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