ATTENTION: A sharp increase of terrorist activity observes in Syria

In Syria began to observe another round of intensity of the situation. The militants of different groups not only started fighting actively against Syrian government forces, but also embarked on a new phase of terror against the civilian population.

To the north of the Syrian city of Hama militants of “Dzhebhat en-Nusra” and  similar groups attacked several settlements. In order to intimidate the local population the terrorists used the usual method of terror – executions of those who tried to speak out against the entry of terrorists into these territories. As a result, only in one locality Majdal victims of terrorists became 25 people, among the dead – women and children.

In the province of Hama terrorists used heavy equipment, including infantry fighting vehicles and artillery. They used car bombs to break through the Syrian army positions. Then from different directions small groups of armed terrorists are trying to strike at government forces – primarily on the flanks.

It continues to be extremely tense situation in Damascus province. Several militant groups, including “Dzhebhat en-Nusra”,  are trying to break through to the capital of Syria from East Gutu and Jobaria. Now in Damascus were repositioned elite special forces, fighting around the city continue.


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