Thousands of syrians receive humanitarian support from Russia

Officers of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the opposing sides carried out seven humanitarian missions in Syria’s Latakia Governorate and Aleppo Governorate in the past 24 hours, the Center said in an information bulletin.

“Over the past 24 hours, as many as 3,300 civilians received humanitarian aid totaling 2.7 tonnes,” the bulletin reads.

In particular, a total of 1.2 tonnes of bread and 300 food sets were distributed in the Aleppo University (al-Shagba al-Kadimag area), in the schools of Qarim al-Qataraji (Qadi Asqar area), Muhammad Bajimkim (al-Firdaus area) and al-Saura (al-Suqari area) as well as in the Sheikh Maqsood and Bustan al-Kasr areas. Residents of Jindiriya in the Latakia Governorate received 300 food sets.

The Center for Reconciliation also said that the United Nations continued to provide “food aid as well as medical, psychological and legal assistance” to the Syrian citizens. Besides that, work is underway to restore infrastructure facilities and provide temporary residence for those in need.

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