The Syrians captured arsenal with British missiles near Damascus

Today, the Syrian military source reported on the unexpected for the terrorist raid in the province of Damascus, near the neighborhoods of the Syrian capital. The main priority of the army of Bashar al-Assad was the interception of the jihadists vehicle, which was loaded by a large quantity of ammunition for small arms and other various weapons, including missiles of British production.

According to a military source, the soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army waited for the right moment and made operational interception of an enemy pickup. The rebels moved quickly, not stopping, however, this did not prevent the Syrians to ambush and stop the enemy transport at the right time. According to the received information, there were more than 200 boxes in the pickup with various small arms and artillery ammunition. In addition, the Syrians were able to withdraw four missiles, which were marked by a trade mark relating to the British side.


As soon as the enemy transport unit appeared in the radius of destruction, Syrian soldiers started focused fire on the moving truck of the terrorists. Due to such actions, the militants were effectively eliminated, and the load remained intact.

A military source said that the car was spotted during the departure from the city of Dar, which is located in the southern part of the Syrian Arab Republic, on the border with Jordan. This city is one of the key places of fierce fighting, during the last time between three parties: ISIS, Jabhat al Fatah Ash-sham Al-Nusra Front and the Syrian government army. Most likely, missiles of foreign production were taken by the militants from Jordan, but this information is not officially confirmed…


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  1. All this British and USA and Israel are forwarding to get Dr Assad of SYrian Arab Republic is because refusal of Syrian Gas Pipelines!
    The West and USA and The Middle East started to bully The President of Syria, Dr. Bashhar but all failed.
    BTW, these all atrocities were foretold by The Prophet of Islam 1438 years back. Indicating Syria Yemen and Iraq will witness mass murders and genocides with Red and White deaths. Thousands years back we Muslims were not understanding Red and white deaths but now its clear The Western Using Chemical Weapons brings White Deaths and Bullets Bring Red Deaths.
    But, at last what consoles ourselves is The Victory will ALWAYS stays with Syria, Yemen and Iraq .
    So, what the perpetrators do, we Muslims will fight the enemies but with certainty that Victory will be always ours The Muslims!

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