The United States and Turkey will face off in Syria

In the center of this conflict, the Kurds, whom Ankara considers terrorists, and Washington is the key force in the struggle against the radicals

The United States and Turkey can start the clashes in Syria due to the fact that Washington and Ankara have different agenda in the conflict in that country, and relate differently to the Syrian Kurds. If the White house consider them to be the most effective force in the fight against the Islamists in Ankara they are called terrorists. This difference of position could only play into the hands for militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state”, writes Seth J. Franzman. On the 2nd March 2017, returning from Pakistan, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to expand the role of Ankara in the Syrian conflict.

This statement can make a challenge to the US policy in Syria and an indirect barrier to actions of fighters of the US special forces, which deployed during the combat operations against ISIS.

It is not the first time when Erdogan         threaten that Ankara will increase its role in Syria, where Turkey supports the mostly Sunni Arabs from the so-called Syrian opposition, which are opposed to Damascus. Before leaving Pakistan, he also threatened the Kurds, saying that Turkey will go to Manbij.

Such statements of the Turkish President was made after the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah published on February 25 the information that the head of US Central command Joseph Votel made a “secret trip to the North of Syria.” In his turn, he also said that he is “very concerned about preserving the dynamics in Syria,” and that the United States will have to take “more significant burden”.

If you read between the lines, it appears that this means the necessity of sending additional ground forces. So, Washington has intensified the pace of the operation to release Mosul, in pulling troops so close to the frontline as never before in the two years of the confrontation with ISIS.

Turkey’s threats were made against the backdrop of President Donald Trump has pledged to destroy the ISIS militants, and also instructed the Pentagon to provide him with a new plan for this fight. US concerns that their Kurdish allies in Syria would be drawn into armed conflict with the Turkish troops. This is the reason for the “headache” of US strategists, especially the Pentagon and the CIA, because these agencies have different agendas and act on the side of the various forces. All this has led to the emergence of contradictory policies.


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