The second liberation of Palmyra is imminent

The Syrian army once again has a success, primarily in terms of the attack on Palmyra, a full return of which can be expected in the spring.

The Syrian government army successfully and virtually unopposed moved to a distance of three kilometers from the “Palmyra triangle” and took a few key heights, entering in visual contact with the positions of militants in the West of the city. The offensive of the government troops concentrated along the highway Ties – Palmyra and almost in the details repeats the same path that was done by it during the liberation of Palmyra last spring.

In fact, the ISIS troops left a large area, which objectively could not hold, and captured accidentally – on the “shoulders” of the retreat Syrian units in December. The advanced units of the terrorists entrenched on the line, Chuvashes – Diesel, that is, almost in the same positions that launched the first attack on Palmyra.

The ammunition is brought  to Palmyra suburbs, including antitank systems, both of Russian and Western European production. Presumably, the spring offensive begins with the storming of the heights before the “triangle” at the Western gate of Palmyra, just like last time. The mastery of these heights makes it pointless to the further defense of the city even for the fanatical jihadists.

The current offensive conducted by forces of the 5th brigade, the “Fifth Legion”. In common parlance it is called “Russian”. First, because the highest possible number of Russian military advisors are there in it. Secondly, due to the fact that this brigade of government troops have been created from scratch, armed and trained with the active assistance of the Russian Federation. Now it is the most capable unit of the Syrian army – along with the “Tigers”, which reinforced with tanks T-90. But the Tigers are busy in  El-Bab, where they very effectively work cutting the defense of the jihadists.

However, the offensive of the jihadists of the Deir ez-Zor, damped a week ago, which itself is evidence of serious resistance, which was made by the surrounded government troops.

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