Netanyahu went to the United States to break a nuclear deal with Iran

According to Benjamin Netanyahu he is going to implement the “historical mission” trying to prevent the signing of a nuclear agreement with Iran. At the same time, the political opponents of Netanyahu expect that in case of successful visit of the Israeli Prime Minister in the United States he almost guarantee his re-election. Experts note that the trip of the ruling “Likud” party leader began two weeks before the parliamentary elections in Israel, therefore it’s considered within the framework of the election campaign.
To show the importance of his visit to the USA Netanyahu on Friday visited the wailing Wall in Jerusalem, where he said about the threat to the existence of the country. Netanyahu initially opposed the negotiations of the “six” with Iran, then he called a “historical mistake” interim agreements, which restricted but not stopped the Iranian nuclear program and now he obtains tightenning of  contract conditions – up to the deprivation of the Islamic Republic’s right to independent production of nuclear fuel dismantling of appropriate infrastructure. U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry questioned the adequacy of the judgments of the Israeli Prime Minister on the Iranian issue.
Israel believes that Iran cannot be trusted, and as a nuclear-weapon state it represents a mortal threat to the Jewish state.

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