The head of the U.S. National Intelligence visited Kiev a month ago

 jamesas-clapperis-63104746      The head of the National Intelligence James Clapper in the interview to PBS reported that he took an unofficial visit to the Ukrainian capital about a month ago.
“I was in Kiev about a month ago” said Clapper, which officialy is the coordinator of the activities of all 16 American intelligence agencies. He did not specify what were the goals and objectives of his trip to Ukraine which has not previously been declared.
The head of the American intelligence service refused to answer with what kind of weapons Washington can furnish curent administration in Kiev if the White House decides to do so. At the same time, Clapper noted that he realized that such U.S. actions would cause extremely negative reaction from Russia.
In conclusion, he stressed that the internal armed conflict in Ukraine “should be resolved through diplomatic channels”: “in fact this is the only way to stabilize and normalize the situation in Ukraine”.

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