the EU can arrest Estonian MP Jaak Madison justifying fascism

708x460      Earlier it was reported that the member of the Conservative people’s party of Estonia Jaak Madison was elected as the member of Parliament of Estonia on Sunday. He stated in his blog that the Nazi regime has made Germany one of the most powerful in Europe, although in the country  killing people in gas chambers was aproved.

      Attempts to deny the fact of  Holocaust on the territory of the European Union is a criminal offense, so the law enforcement authorities of the EU can arrest Estonian MP Jaak Madison for his remarks, head of public relations Department of the Federation of Jewish communities of Russia (FJCR) Baruch Gorin said on Tuesday.
“This MP has not only justified some parts of Nazism in Germany, but, in addition doubted the figures of tortured by the Nazism. Revisionism, as far as I know, on the EU territory is a criminal offense. So law enforcement agencies, when this gentleman arrives in Brussels can arrest him for violation of European law,” said Gorin.
The representative of the FJCR urged the government of Estonia “for the immediate and more active condemnation of such statements, views and policies”, noting that  the leaders of the Madison’s party are trying to distance themselves from his views and say that he is not in sympathy with ideas of Nazism but  the economic policies of Hitler.

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