Spanish police arrested anti-fascists fought in Ukraine

x_d7b0e654     According to the Spanish Ministry of Internal Affairs, they all participated in the armed conflict in the Donbass. The arrests were made at 06.30 in the morning (08.30 GMT) at the same time in Asturias, Catalonia, Extremadura, Murcia, Navarra and Madrid.

The detainees are accused of “murder, possession of weapons and explosives, acts aimed against the interests of Spain abroad”. In recent months, in the Spanish media was reported about the Spaniards, who called themselves “enemies of capitalism,  who decided to go to the Eastern regions of Ukraine to take part in the fight against the new fascist threat in Europe”.
As was stated by one of them in an interview with Spanish news Agency Europa Press, “the purpose of the Spanish anti-fascists is to create in the Donbass international teams like those who helped the Republicans in the fight against the frankists in the civil war in Spain 1936-39 years”.

February 13, Russia’s permanent representative to the European Union Vladimir Chizhov said that Moscow will follow the provisions of the Minsk agreements on the withdrawal  foreign participants, including EU citizens, from the zone of the Ukrainian conflict.
February 11, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia confirmed that Croatian soldiers joined the Ukrainian army. The Ministry said that they have no relation to volunteer battalions of Ukraine.
February 6, it was reported that about 200 citizens of some of the Balkan States were fighting on the territory of Ukraine, mainly in the volunteer battalions.
Since mid-April, the Kyiv authorities have been maintaining the “special operation”  in the East of Ukraine to suppress the protest movement in the Donbass. Security forces are actively using heavy artillery and combat aviation. It is reported about numerous victims among the civilian population and the destruction of houses and infrastructure.
According to the United Nations on 3 February, since the start of the conflict in the East of Ukraine more than 5.3 thousand people were killed, 12 thousand were injured.

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