6 breaches of cessation of hostilities in Syria by terrorist organizations during last 24 hours

Terrorist organizations breached the cessation of hostilities agreement in Syria six times in the last 24 hours, putting the number of breaches to 538 since last February, according to the Russian Coordination Center said.

The Hmeimim-based Russian Center said in a statement on Monday that armed terrorist groups breached the cessation of hostilities agreement 6 times during the last 24 hours, in the countryside of Aleppo and Damascus.

The so called Jaish al-Islam shelled military positions in the Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside and al-Assad district in Aleppo with mortar and rocket shells, the Russian center said.

In the same context, the Russian Coordination Center affirmed that the Russian Air Force did not target positions for groups which joined the cessation of hostilities agreement, indicating that militants of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization continue sneaking into Lattakia province from Turkey.

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