Greanville Post: the West is deliberately lying about the role of Russia in Ukrainian crisis

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends


American journalist Jason Hirthler believes that the U.S. government deliberately distort information about the Ukrainian crisis. He wrote an article about this, which is published on the website of The Greanville Post.

According to the author, the administration of the President of the United States of America Barack Obama preparing information for dissemination in media in advance.

“The main author of this tale – the Obama administration, which made a long list of lies about Ukrainian conflict, and it is daily highlighted in the press,” – writes Hirtler in his article, where he refers to the examples when the U.S. authorities accused Russia of escalation of armed conflict in Ukraine, without any evidence.

Hirtler notes that the American media accusing Russia of allegedly «expansionist» foreign policy, has no grounds for the claim that “Pro-Russian separatists” are responsible for destructed Malaysian Boeing, having no convincing evidence of involvement of militias of Donbass.

American media write that ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown during the “democratic uprising”, which, according to the journalist, is always there, where the U.S. strategic interests are at risk,” says Hirthler.

“It is significant that all of this happened after Yanukovych refused the Association agreement with the EU, preferring a more lucrative offer from Russia”, – said the author.

The U.S. government is not interested in solving the conflict in Ukraine peacefully, because it does not fit in the old Washington’s strategy for world domination, – writes Hirthler.

“As always – the goal is domination on all the fronts, and you are in Paradise or nightmare, depending on which side of the Imperial barricades you are,” – concludes the author.

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