IMPORTANT: «Russian Special Forces Participated In Liberation Of Palmyra», – General Staff of Russian Armed Forces

Liberation of Palmyra has a strategic importance in the fight against terrorism in Syria, told to reporters the chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces — first Deputy Defense Minister Army General Valeriy Gerasimov.

“Yesterday with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces and Special Operations forces, with the participation of our military advisers, Palmyra – the most important cultural center – was liberated. The liberation of this city is of the strategic importance in the fight against terrorism in Syria,” – said Gerasimov.

He recalled that “Russian operation in Syria allowed to radically change the situation with the growth of international terrorist tumor: bases of the terrorists are destroyed, the warehouses of weapons and ammunition destroyed, supplies of the smuggled crude oil, which were the source of money for terrorists, were blocked”.

“Units of the Armed Forces of Syria and militias, as well as the formation of a healthy opposition have started active offensive actions against the ISIS groups. The agreement is reached and the process of reconciliation has begun,” – concluded Gerasimov.



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