THE EPIC BATTLE FOR PALMYRA: The Syrian Correspondents Outshine Hollywood Again (VIDEO)

Syrian military correspondents shot an impressive video clip about the special operation on liberation of the ancient city of Palmyra of ISIS terrorists.

The footage shot by a drone demonstrates the coordinated work of departments of government troops and allied militias, infantry, artillery and aviation.

The camera recorded the work of the Syrian aces, tank and machine-gun fire, hunt for terrorists with the use of anti-tank guided missiles, air strikes and urban fighting.

In the morning of  March 27 the forces of the Syrian army liberated Palmyra, the city was almost completely cleaned of ISIS terrorists, all their strongholds were destroyed. After that, the army forces entered Palmyra airport and eliminated all the terrorists’ mines and explosive devices.

Besides the army has completed clearing of the largest part of Palmyra from mines and explosive devices laid by terrorists.

In the afternoon the Russian and Syrian air forces bombed ISIS terrorists running away from Palmyra by Al-Sahna highway — the third station of Palmyra — Palmyra (السخنة — تدمر المحطة الثالثة — تدمر), destroyed a large number of terrorists and dozens of their armored vehicles.

As reported the source in Syrian General Staff, in the result of series of large-scale efficient operations the Syrian army, assisted by forces of the national militia and the Syrian and the Russian Air Forces came off with flying colors in the East of Homs province, restored security in Palmyra, and also got the full control of the city, its suburbs and the surrounding mountains.

At the same time in HOMS province, the Syrian army artillery from has been firing at ISIS positions in al-Qaryatayn (القريتين), whilst the the army started the offensive on al-Qaryatayn with the aim to clean it of the ISIS terrorists. The Syrian Air Forces fired the positions of ISIS in al-Qaryatayn, as well as their vehicles, on which the terrorists tried to leave the city.


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