Ukraine began recruiting in the informational troops




The Ministry of informational policy of Ukraine started accepting applications from individuals who would like to serve in the informational forces of the country. In the ad, posted on a special website, is stated that any Ukrainian citizen with access to the Internet can participate in this endeavor.

According to the authors of the ad, the Ukrainian army bravely defends the Kiev interests in the Donetsk region. “And now it’s time to fight the Russian invaders on the informational front,” – is said in the text. Participants are requested to register on the website and to carry out the job on a daily basis.

Sunday, February 22, the head of the Ministry og informational politics Yuriy Stets announced the creation of an international broadcasting Ukrainian TV channel. “In a month we will start international broadcasting, the name of the Channel will be «Ukrainian Tomorrow», opposed to «Russia Today». They have only have today, and we have the future”, – said the head of the Department (the Ministry, however, does not officially exist, reminds

In December 2014 it became known about the plans for the creation of the office of the Department, which would be engaged in an informational war. In late January of this year Yuriy Stets stated the intention to collect “Internet army” – a pool of popular bloggers who would spread «truthful» information about the situation in the East.

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