Georgian informational-analytical Agency “GRUZINFORM” has published the document on the basis of which experts of the Agency concluded that Turkey before the 2013 was sending terrorists to the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR).

According to the same Agency, from February of that year, the transit of Mujahideen was organized through the Turkish territory in Syria by the national intelligence and the Interior Ministry of Turkey.
“GRUZINFORM” notes that after the publication of the document is not a surprise anymore how easy citizens of Georgia of the North Caucasian nationalities from the Pankiskiy ravine get into Syria and, after earning several tens of thousands of dollars for terrorist’s activities, return back home to have a rest.

The route “Georgia – Syria: Turkey transit” is provided by power structures of Turkey (national intelligence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs), local authorities (province of Hatay) and the Ministry of religious Affairs of Turkey.
“GRUZINFORM” also believes that after the publication of the document hypocritical words of the President of Turkey R. T. Erdogan about that Turkey is not linked to the Syrian conflict and fighting terrorism and DAESH and that the Turkish borders are closed for terrorists movings, smuggling of weapons, oil and drugs, are fully deceitful.

It is also noted that since the document became public the frequent visits of the Minister of Defence of Georgia T.Khidasheli to Turkey and the Pankiskiy ravine are seen in a different light.

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