Turkey has sent mechanized units of the army to build walls and dig trenches in Syria, and continues to provide help to the terrorists.
According to temporary charge d’affaires of the Syrian Arab Republic in the UN, in December 2015 mechanized units of the Turkish army penetrated into the Syrian territory, “heading towards the village Dair-Husn (Jawadiya region), the village Bustan (Malicia region), the districts of Abu Racine region (Ras al-Ain area) and towards the territory North of the villages Amana and Sheikh Mansour (Dirbasiya region)”.
“There were carried out various construction works,” wrote Munzer in a letter to the Security Council and Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The letter was published on Thursday.
He, in particular, reported that in the area of the town Harim in the North of Idlib province the Turkish militaries “dug trenches of 4 meters width and of 8 meters depth “, and in the city Ras al-Ain and its suburbs erected a wall up to 6 meters height.

According to the diplomat, the Turkish government “continues to provide various types of military, logistical and financial support for working on his side terrorist groupings of the Syrian Turkmens”.
According to him, officers of the Turkish army and intelligence service are “regularly visiting” training camps of Turkmen fighters. Besides, Turkey is helping to foreign terrorists to enter the territory of Syria, and also “provides them with shelter and medical care on the territory of Turkey, where the training camps for terrorists have been built,” added Munzer.
He demanded from the Turkish authorities “to immediately stop all aggressive acts aimed to undermining of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic”.
On behalf of the authorities of the SAR, the diplomat asked the Security Council to “take responsibility” and to contain Ankara’s actions “to maintain international peace and security”. However, he stressed that Syria has the right to take measures to protect its sovereignty and to demand compensation for the damage caused on it’s territory.

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