The ISIS terrorists executed 38 children with down syndrome (VIDEO).

ISIS has issued a fatwa (religious decree), ordering to kill children with down syndrome. Arabic blog Mosul Eye reports about it. It became known that th Sharia Board of the ISIS has issued a verbal fatwa, directing its members to kill newborns with down syndrome, disabled children and children with birth defects.

The fatwa was issued by one of the ISIS Sharia judges, Saudi Abu Said Algarawi.
According to available information, the majority of children with down syndrome were born by Iraqi, Syrian and Asian women and foreign fighters.
By this moment it has become known about38 cases of such killings, the age of the murdered children ranges from one week to three months. All of them were killed by strangulation, or lethal injection. Some of the killings took place in Syria and Mosul.

On this video — the child brought out from Mosul, according to the fatwa he should be executed.

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