Terrorist group “Islamic State” (IG) receives income from the cotton trade according to the Swiss newspaper Tribune de Geneve. The publication notes that the transit of goods going through Turkey.

According to the journalists of the newspaper before the civil war in Syria the sale of cotton was one of the biggest export items of the country and now control many cotton fields received IG militants. “The material passes through Turkey which gets it from the hands of middlemen earning his whitening” – the article says. Further cotton used for clothing Western brands because the quality of the goods is much more interested in the business of origin.

“IG received from the export of this resource more money than the two million dollars a day which it earns from oil confiscation of property looting and by” industry “kidnapping for ransom” – sums up the author of the material.

Earlier on December 7 reported the IG that the monthly income of up to 80 million dollars. This is the conclusion analysts of the American Research Center IHS.

According to the center about 50 percent of the income taxes bring commercial activity in the territories controlled by the organization and the confiscation of land and property. Another 43 per cent of group revenue comes from the oil trade. “The rest is accounted for by drug trafficking illegal trade in antiquities historical electricity supplies and donations” – stressed the representative of the IHS.

“Islamic State” – forbidden in  Russia organization which in 2014 seized part of the territory of Syria and Iraq and proclaim  the caliphate there.

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