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The head of the Turkish intelligence: the World must recognize the “Islamic state”

The head of the Turkish National intelligence organization (MIT) stated that “the Islamic state” must be recognized on the international level.

Hakan Fidan said in his speech that ISIS is already a reality that “we should not fight with”, reports the German news Agency AWDNEWS.

According to Fidan, Russia is not fighting with the terrorist threat, but trying to “strangle” the Islamic revolution of Syria”.

“Islamic state” (prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist group) according to Turkey “is a well established and popular public system that it is time to recognize”.

“I urge my Western colleagues to revise their views on the Islamic political movement and to destroy the plans of Vladimir Putin to crush the Islamist Syrian revolutionaries”, said the head of Turkish intelligence services.

And to prevent the flow of  recruits from all over the world to ISIS, “it is necessary to open the official embassy of the “Islamic state” in Istanbul”, – said Fidan.

In addition, he said that Turkey from the very beginning of the conflict has been providing a safe shelter to wounded ISIS terrorists, who were able to cross the Turkish border if necessary.

It is worth noting that Turkey was previously accused of buying oil from terrorists from oil fields in Iraq and Syria, which was affirmed by the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to a rough estimate, we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars, this money is the main source of funding for ISIS.

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