The Answer Of Russian Defence Ministry To Victoria Nuland, Lying Like A Gas-Meter


The Russian Defence Ministry comments on the statement of the Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland during her speech at the Congress session, where she claimed that supposedly, a large part of the Russian strikes in the Syrian Arab Republic had been aimed not against terrorists, but literally “targeted in areas where the Assad regime has lost territory”.

It is to be emphasized that the Russian air group in Syria makes strikes not on regions, but on objects of terrorists’ infrastructure.

After analysis of such statements of different American officials, it seems that the locations of these objects, which are under the control of the terrorists, are the most guarded state secret information in the USA. Representatives from the Pentagon and the State department constantly speak about it, but no one of them gives specific information concerning their location.

At the same time, it should be reminded that the Russian Ministry of Defence transferred to the military attaches of the anti-ISIS coalition led by the USA the comprehensive information on high-detail maps concerning the objects and areas controlled by terrorists in Syria.

It should be noted that the information presented by the Ministry of Defence has not been refuted neither by the State Department nor by the Pentagon.

That speaks for itself.

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